Epic News — “Cross Park”, Pierce County newest public park
scheduled to begin construction July 2019-Phase one.
Frederickson Area will soon claim its first public park
-– let activities, action, and opportunities begin.

Friends of Stan and Joan Cross Park (FSJCP), with its 15-member Board of Directors, along with members of the Frederickson Community were ecstatic to learn Cross Park “bid” and “construction” time line was recently announced by the Pierce County Parks Department – for Phase One development. This community public park has been in the planning and design stage for over a decade involving numerous “eyes and ears” from many different interest groups, community members, “FSJCP”, Pierce County Parks Development, state legislators—along with architects, engineers, consultants and park analyst. Many thanks to the “FSJCP” for their strong support and for being a driving force and a major link in the overall planning, promoting and leadership in bringing this soon-to-be quality public park to the Frederickson area. When developed, it will be the only public park that exists between Spanaway Park – 5 miles to the west and Bradley Park – 5 miles to the East. “FSJCP” members have worked courageously, constructively and with a cognitive spirit and a genuine attitude for a “let’s-get-it-done” fortitude. What a vision – What a journey – What determination we possessed – What an education and experience it has become. Someday, soon we will be able to watch the public enter Cross Park and enjoy the children’s play areas and equipment, benches, trails, bathrooms, parking, landscaping, park entry, signage, picnics and the total rehabilitation of the historical “Mayflower Dairy Barn” converted into a community center. The projected cost of Cross Park Phase One – $7 million. Phase II, III, IV will be planned in later stages involving the remainder 60 plus acres.

In the creation and development of Cross Park, “FSJCP” continued to be a driving force and a spirited spark plug in our working relationship and networking avenue with the Pierce County Parks Department staff – what resources, direction, information, and materials they supplied. Our park agenda toiled in many directions on occasion, even to the point we would get lost in park jargon, regulations, and process. However, the group would always find its way back – becoming stronger with our “voice, persuasion, and conviction”. Our energy, influence, and contributions became apparent and contagious as we mastered thru a host of difficult regulations and state/county requirements over a decade of work – sometimes appearing to be a “Jekyll and Hyde” issue and/or confrontations –however, our adventurous ways usually prevailed. Cross Park will be an asset and true treasure standing tall when all four phases of construction are completed.

Stan Cross, FSJCP’s President