About Us

Friends of Stan and Joan Cross Park is a (501) (c)(3) nonprofit charity organized to help develop a 64-acre county park in Frederickson, WA.
The volunteer board was organized in 2009 and has contributed over 15,000 volunteer hours and 50,000 miles to help develop Cross Park over a 14-year period.

Mission Statement

FSJCP’s mission is to support the development of a regional/community public park that provides a diverse selection of recreational and social activities serving residents of all ages and abilities within Pierce County and the Frederickson community.

Vision Statement

FSJCP’s vision is to partner with other groups to develop Stan and Joan Cross Park into a full active and passive regional/community park.

Value Statement

FSJCP strives for a public park that provides opportunities for healthy recreational and educational activities for a diverse community population. Special emphasis shall provide opportunity for children, and include the elderly and those with physical limitations.